Getting Bugzilla 2.18 Released

If you keep up on the tech media, you’ve surely read by now (or will soon) that Bugzilla 2.18 has finally released. And getting it out the door was by no means easy.

Aside from the 9 months it took to get through the “release candidate” phase of releasing, the actual process of releasing seemed to go on endlessly once all the release-blocking bugs were gone. The majority of that process involved staging a massive update to the website.

The problem came when the night before release, I got an IM from my mom that my Uncle, who had been in the hospital for the last week, was terminal, and had chosen to have the life support removed the next day. Needless to say, I high-tailed it to the other side of the state to see him before he died. More about that in my previous blog entry if you haven’t seen it already (it’s in my personal category, which Planet and Feedhouse don’t syndicate).

There were several people that helped, but I really must commend Max Kanat-Alexander, who took up making patches for almost all of the web pages and posting them to Bugzilla, so when I had some time later that night, I could just grab the patches, make a few minor edits, and post the new pages to the website. Considering that I had an iBook with me with almost nothing installed on it that was useful for web editing, that was a BIG help.

All-in-all, I’m quite pleased with this release. It took us forever to get there, but now that it’s done, it’s a big leap over our previous stable release (2.16). And 2.20 is looking even more promising (and more likely to release on time 😉 )

Life and Death

My uncle has spent much of the last few years battling with various ailments, but the bottom line is his lungs just don’t work anymore. He’s spent the last week in the hospital on a respirator, and the doctors have said there’s nothing they can do anymore. He’s still alert and can communicate, and after consulting with his immediate family, decided he’d had a good life, and it was time to move on. This afternoon, they removed him from the respirator. The doctors say that without it, he has between 1 and 3 days to live. I travelled to visit him this afternoon. He was sleeping when I got there, but he did wake up after a while, and I got to talk to him for a bit. His throat was too sore from being hooked up to the respirator to talk more than a mumble, but his eyes were alert, and he could nod and shake his head.

This is one of those situations that just makes you think. He’s been on life-support, but he’s still conscious. Here he is completely alert and knowing he’s going to die in the next couple days. I just can’t imagine having to deal with that. In a way, I suppose it’s good, because he gets to say goodbye to everyone. All 5 of his grandchildren made it today to visit (even the ones that flew in from Colorado). It was quite touching.

I pray that he has a comfortable passing.

UPDATE: He did pass on at 9:20am on Sunday. His wife, children, and his brothers were at his side. I’m told that the family had decided to recite the Lord’s Prayer on Sunday morning, and as they said “Amen” he took his last breath.

To blink or not to blink

That is the question my 2003 Saturn Ion was asking the last few days. The passenger-side front turn signal stopped working last Wednesday. I spent half the day Thursday unsuccessfully shopping for a replacement lightbulb. Then on Friday, it suddenly decides to start working again. On Sunday, it stopped again, and as of this morning, it hadn’t worked since. So I took it into the dealer this morning, and discovered it was an overloaded wire harness on the headlight assembly, and not the lightbulb. Good thing I couldn’t find one. 🙂 The headlight assembly wire harness was on recall anyway, I hadn’t made the connection that the headlight was related to the blinker signal. I had been mailed a month or two ago about it, but told that there weren’t parts available, so they were staging the recall, and would mail me again when it was my turn, but if we were affected earlier, bring it in anyway. So we got to cut in line on the recall. The cool part is my Saturn dealer is across the street from an Internet cafe, and they’re close enough that the wireless signal is in range from the waiting area at the dealership, so I could do a little work from there while I waited.

Volunteers needed to clean bugs

We have a small bit of data corruption with the Operating System field on currently, which has been around forever, and we really need to get it fixed, because there are upcoming schema changes in the next version of Bugzilla which will get tripped up if it isn’t fixed. Unfortunately, it involves a large number of bugs, so I’m asking for volunteers to help out. More than one person can do this, so don’t hesitate even if someone else has jumped in and said they’ll do it 🙂

The problem with these bugs is that the Operating System field in the database is NULL, that is, it doesn’t actually have an operating system listed. This is illegal in Bugzilla, so Bugzilla will fill in whatever the first available OS in the list is in the popup menu, and the next person to touch the bug will wind up inadvertantly setting it (if they have editbugs), or getting a scary warning that they aren’t allowed to change the OS (if they don’t have editbugs) even though they didn’t actually try to change it. Many of them are likely botched imports from Netscape’s old Bugscape system, others are probably Mac OS 9 bugs that someone forgot to change the OS on before the Mac OS 9 entry was removed from the available OS list a few years ago.

What needs doing is for someone to examine each bug individually, find out which OS really best fits it, and set it correctly, or change it to “All” or “Other” if it doesn’t appear to be something OS-specific. You will need editbugs privs on Bugzilla to be able to fix them.

This query will return the list of affected bugs. At the time of this writing, there are 534 bugs on that list. If you can grab a few of those and fix them, I’d be grateful. You don’t even have to let me know you’re doing it, just grab some 🙂

And thanks in advance to anyone that can help!

UPDATE 1/7 2:00pm: As of sometime around 11:00am this morning (according to my IRC logs and people commenting about it) these are now all gone!!! Thanks to everyone that helped!

Snow Day

We got 6" of snow overnight last night, and it was windy so we had a few 2 and 3 foot drifts here and there. Schools were all closed today, so Brendan got to stay home. We were shocked, Holland Public Schools even closed, and it usually takes an Act of God to get them to close 🙂 Unfortunately, the snow was dry and loose, no good for building snowmen or anything cool like that 🙁