Changing the domain for mailing lists

April 12, 2005 by
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One of the projects that we’ve been discussing for a while is to move the mailing lists on to a separate domain name, such as The primary intent of this is to be able to use stricter anti-spam controls on it than we use on the personal and role addresses, since the moderation queues are constantly filled with spam messages that the list moderators can’t keep up with.

It ocurred to me the other day that the news hierarchy changing, and the corresponding changes to list names going with it, would be the perfect opportunity to kill this off with minimal disruption. Since many of the list names will be changing anyway, we can change the domain name at the same time without any additional disruption.

Polvi is looking into it to see if we can be ready to do that when the time comes to throw the switch.


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  1. djc on August 27th, 2005 8:29 am

    Gerv has posted an update on the new newsgroups, which I’m sure you (Dave) know about, but for anyone else viewing this post, here is the link: New Newsgroups.

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