AJAX for Bugzilla

Bart wants to pay for AJAX in Bugzilla. If you think you can help him out, go have a look.

Personally, I would absolutely love to get some of that stuff working in Bugzilla. 🙂 I’m a big fan of clean user interfaces. Bugzilla has a legacy to clean up after though. There’s been a lot of UI work on Bugzilla in recent months, but there’s a ways to go yet.

My main rule for getting it contributed back to the Bugzilla project: Don’t replace functionality, only add to it. There’s a lot of people that use Bugzilla from text-based browsers or small devices, and we can’t break that. Make it really cool and easy to use if your browser can handle it, but make sure you can still get the job done (even if you have to jump through a few more hoops) on a less-capable browser.

Bugzilla 2.20 is out

Bugzilla 2.20 was released last night! Go get it!. Thus starts the 1-month countdown for comments prior to freezing for 2.22 (only a month because 2.20 was slightly late and we’re trying to catch up — the trunk has actually been open for a while).

Make sure to go read the status update as there’s a lot of new stuff going on with Bugzilla that will be pretty exciting.

One correction, if you already read the status update, is that we’re waiting a month after the 2.20 release before freezing for 2.22 (the status update originally stated 2 weeks, but that’s been corrected). So October 30th is the freeze date (only 45 days late) and the countdown timer on the right-hand side of my blog is correct.

I’ve had way less time than I’ve wanted to spend working with Bugzilla lately (and even less updating my blog). It’s great to have good people like Max Kanat-Alexander and Frédéric Buclin and the rest of the Bugzilla team staying on top of everything and giving me less to worry about. My congratulations to the entire Bugzilla team for an outstanding job with the release itself and dealing with all the last minute problems that always come up (thus the late release).

My involvement should be improving before too long, as I’m no longer the only sysadmin at Mozilla. The intern we had this summer is contracting part-time during the school year, there’ll be an additional full-timer starting in a week or two, and we still have at least one sysadmin position open that I’m sure will eventually be filled. Even with the new help it’ll take us a while to catch up, but it won’t be forever, and I can always look forward to that.