new website, again? just recently got a makeover to get it in line with the rest of the website. No sooner than we got it up (well, 5 or 6 weeks isn’t that long in the grand scheme of things) than they go and redesign again. 🙂

Mike Morgan and I discussed it briefly last night, and Zach Lipton also suggested it in his blog that might need yet another makeover to get it back in sync with again. Fortunately, since our last redesign also made extensive use of Template Toolkit to make the site easily editable, we can realistically make this happen by changing about 3 files. The question then is, “should we?”

I kind of like the new design personally, and I’m leaning heavily towards saying it needs to be done. But we’d need to come up with a way to keep distinct. It needs to be obvious that we’re part of, but also obvious that it’s a separate website, if you know what I mean.

Getting back into the swing of things

Well, I’m back from my trip to the UK as of a few days ago, and finally getting settled in well enough to sit down and write something.

I got to meet Gervase Markham while I was there, and we chatted a bit while doing my laundry from the previous week in a laundrette. heh. The Italian ice cream place we went to afterwards was pretty incredible though.

I’m hoping to be able to get both Bugzilla 2.19.1 and 2.18rc3 out this coming weekend (if not sooner). We freeze for 2.20 in less than 2 weeks, so it’s looking quite possible that we might just have a 2.20rc1 before we have 2.18 final. That would be quite interesting indeed.

Paul Reed to talk about Bugzilla at NYLUG

Paul Reed (a.k.a JayPee) will be giving a talk about Release Engineering at NYLUG this Wednesday, and besides sharing how Bugzilla is a release engineer’s best friend after Tinderbox, he’ll be including a discussion of the new stuff in Bugzilla 2.18. If you live in the New York area, feel free to drop in and cheer him on.

Travelling for a couple weeks

I’m headed to Oxford, UK for a couple weeks for work. I’ll probably still be online, but sporadically, so if you can’t find me, Myk’s in charge for Bugzilla stuff.