Hoping to breathe some new life into the Bugzilla project

I explained most of this on the Bugzilla developer’s mailing list the other day, but I figure it deserves a little wider audience, so I’m reposting it here.

As mentioned in my previous blog entry, I was hired by the Mozilla Foundation a couple weeks ago. My primary responsibilities will be system administration tasks, however there will probably be some time for Bugzilla that can be squeezed in there, particularly when there are features they need for mozilla.org’s Bugzilla. They also only hired me part time (25 hours per week). After a careful review of the family finances with my wife, we decided we could make it work on that level of income, and so I opted to just leave my employment at that rather than picking up another job to make up the difference, with the express purpose of being able to spend the rest of that free time on Bugzilla. Last week, because of the Firefox 1.0 release, I got in lots of extra hours because we had to set up and/or reconfigure a half a dozen servers on the fly to pick up the extra load. 🙂 This last week and probably next, I’ll be in catch-up mode. I’ve got two years of partially ignoring the mailing lists and most of my bugmail to catch up on.

The reviewers list on the website got updated yesterday. It’s now accurate. There are people I will accept reviews from that are not on that list, and that I will probably ask to do reviews from time to time, but I took off everyone who hasn’t actually done any reviews in the last 6 months, since if they’re not around to do regular reviews, there’s no point in telling people to make requests of them. I also added on several of the new people that we’ve added to the review team over the last couple months that hadn’t been added to it yet (and who have been some of the more active reviewers, despite them not being listed for people to know they could make requests of them). Those are the folks who it makes sense to have listed, since they’ll be the fastest to respond. 🙂

The roadmap page is next on my list on the website. It’s quite out of date, and doesn’t even reflect our current development model anymore. I’m going to attempt to get that cleaned up right after I finish reviewing this patch I keep promising Joel I’m going to tackle 🙂

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  1. Does your work on bugzilla have anything to do with the fact that we’re now allowed to vote for up to 10,000 bugs? Coulda sworn that limit was 10 just yesterday.

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