Office cleanup

This is the main reason for my vacation this week. 🙂 I have about 6 years worth of junk that has travelled with me from place to place over the years, and every attempt to clean it in a short time period usually ends up in a bunch of stuff getting disposed of, a bunch of it getting sorted and filed, and a bunch sorted but not filed (which then winds up back in my way again), and boxes of stuff still not touched because I didn’t finish cleaning it all.

And then, because internally, I’m pretty much a perfectionist, the new stuff winds up getting added to the pile, because the sorted/filed places it was all supposed to go never got finished/caught up, so it all gets added to the pile for the next time I get back to working on it.

So here’s what my office looks like right now. My goal is by the end of this week to get this organized that I can actually use it as a workplace again.

Whether I get to it or not is still up in the air. Also on my plate this week is an ISP move. The ISP that hosts my personal website (and this blog, and the mail for is moving this week, and I volunteered to help them move. They’re the victim of an upstream network provider that’s eliminating their presence in the geographic area, so it’s either move or die. Personally, I don’t want to see my website die. 🙂 Unfortunately this was also the only network provider with business-class service there (southeastern Tennessee), so it’s a physical move to a new colo facility (and thus new servers) as well, not just changing the IP addresses. Fortunately, the main chunk of the services is only two servers, and they get a lot more bandwidth at the new provider. 🙂

New Bugzilla roadmap in progress

We’re starting the long-overdue process of overhauling our roadmap for the Bugzilla project, and producing what will hopefully be our path to a Bugzilla 3.0. It’s in the form of a wiki page currently and we’ll be making changes to it over the next few weeks. If you have good suggestions, feel free to leave them on the discussion page (or inline if you make sure it stands out enough that we know it’s a comment).

So with that, I present you with our work-in-progress Bugzilla Roadmap. has moved!

Earlier tonight, we changed the domain name to point at our new news server at Giganews. (yay!)

If you go take a look, you’ll notice a bunch of new newsgroups, starting with mozilla.* instead of netscape.*. That’s not a complete list of what’s going to be there, but that’s what we’ve rolled out so far. There’s a lot of new discussion areas available. The rest of the new groups will be rolled out as we get their corresponding mail gateways moved over the next couple weeks.

Unfortunately, when we moved the domain name tonight, the message pointers on all the groups changed, and our mail to news gateway thought a whole mess of messages were new again (thus re-sending a few thousand to the mailing lists again). We caught it before it got too far, but we think the mozilla-general mailing list probably bore the brunt of what actually got through before we stopped it, and for that we apologize.

The news gateways for all of the lists have been reset. Any posts to the newsgroups in the hour between when the domain switched and when we reset it probably never got gatewayed to the mailing lists.

pserver being disabled for website CVS

On Monday, January 30th, 2006, we’ll be disabling pserver access to the website CVS repository, just like we did for the source code repository a couple years ago. This means from that point onward, you will need an ssh key to be able to check into the website using a CVS client. You will still be able to use Doctor with your password (it’ll be requiring SSL [https] soon).

There are 371 active website CVS accounts as of this writing. 111 of you actually already have ssh keys (in most cases because you have commit access to the source tree as well) and may just need to start using it.

In the next week or so, we’ll be emailing instructions to everyone who currently has a website CVS account. So if your CVS account uses an old email address, now would be a good time to get it changed to a current address by filing a bug.

News server moving

If you didn’t already read it elsewhere, we’re going to be changing the domain name to point at the Giganews servers in the morning (PST) on Monday, January 9th. The message pointers are different, so if you read the newsgroups via NNTP (rather than email), you may need to unsubscribe and resubscribe from each of the groups after the change is made in order to get your “last read” pointers synced up. If all of the new posts start showing up as already-read to you, this is likely what you’ve run into.

For more information, see the News Migration FAQ.