has moved!

Earlier tonight, we changed the domain name to point at our new news server at Giganews. (yay!)

If you go take a look, you’ll notice a bunch of new newsgroups, starting with mozilla.* instead of netscape.*. That’s not a complete list of what’s going to be there, but that’s what we’ve rolled out so far. There’s a lot of new discussion areas available. The rest of the new groups will be rolled out as we get their corresponding mail gateways moved over the next couple weeks.

Unfortunately, when we moved the domain name tonight, the message pointers on all the groups changed, and our mail to news gateway thought a whole mess of messages were new again (thus re-sending a few thousand to the mailing lists again). We caught it before it got too far, but we think the mozilla-general mailing list probably bore the brunt of what actually got through before we stopped it, and for that we apologize.

The news gateways for all of the lists have been reset. Any posts to the newsgroups in the hour between when the domain switched and when we reset it probably never got gatewayed to the mailing lists.

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