Gerv and charts and Bugzilla 2.18

I received an SMS message yesterday from Gerv that he is in the hospital with appendicitis. A family member (or a friend?) has also posted a message in his blog saying that he’s in the hospital.

My family will be praying that he comes through it all okay.

Unfortunately, Gerv was the one working on one of the last bugs holding up the 2.18rc1 release of Bugzilla (bug 225687). His SMS message said “I may need a bit more time for that Series groups patch ;)”

We’re all hoping that Gerv gets the easy way out and only winds up in the hospital for a couple days. But just to play it safe (2.18 is already very late), we’re going ahead with the backup plan (bug 243463) to just secure the whole chart system for now until the individual series permissions can be worked out. This may wind up being a good thing to have anyway, regardless of the individual series permissions. I can imagine companies who might not want the general public poking through the reporting tools, so it would help accomodate that as well.

We’ll still try to get the series permissions in before the final 2.18 release, but at least with the security implications dealt with, we can still get some widespread testing on the rest of the release candidate without having to wait for it.

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