Bugzilla 2.18rc1 is out, and a new Bugzilla website

Well, after 2 years of waiting, we’ve finally branched for 2.18. Along with that comes our first release candidate for the upcoming 2.18 release. You can download it here.

This has been 2 years in the making, and the release process itself isn’t exactly a piece of cake, especially when we have security issues to deal with. Myself and 4 or 5 other tireless folks have spent the last 4 days getting very little sleep while we toss around draft copies of the advisory, finish up the checkins for the last few blocking bugs, and otherwise get all the details worked out. I think Gerv about summed it up better than I could.

We also have a brand spanking new design on the Bugzilla website. It’s a much more professional look than we used to have, and helps us blend in with the Mozilla Foundation a little better. I can’t express enough thanks to Mike Morgan, who redesigned the site for us based on mozilla.org’s existing CSS, and tweaking it enough to give us our own flavor. After what we’ve had for a website for the last few years, it really is quite a beauty to behold. We’d love to get feedback on the website design, or even content. If there’s anything you think should be done differently, you can either post on netscape.public.mozilla.webtools or file a bug.

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  1. at www,firebirdsql.org we need an bug tracking system and i (mariuz ) told them about bugzilla system and if that it needs be ported to firebird ,
    If anyone could help me with some advices (how long it takes for such thing ) or some good links why bugzilla is the best bug tracking system

    Here is what i wrote

    I would suggest bugzilla.org is the best app for these tasks in the long
    term . We could port it to firebird (open an task for it – sponsor it ?)

    (is used for linux kernel,mozilla,…http://www.bugzilla.org/installation-list/)

    and already is rewritten to be db portable (postgresql,sybase,oracle…)


    "Database modularity. Bugzilla should be able to talk to any database, free or commercial. This requires:

    * Removal of mySQL specifics in the codebase. This includes mySQL specific function calls and use of mySQL specific data types. "

    Things we want in 2.18 but will get pushed to 2.20 if they’re not completed by the time everything in the above list is:

    * Compatibility with Postgres SQL. (98304)
    * Minimal Compatibility with Sybase ASE. (173130)

    1. Best place to ask about that is probably on the developers list. We do have a bug in the system requesting that already, not sure if it was you (it’s been there for 3 or 4 weeks).

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