Trying to find that long lost tab

I’m very much a power user.  I use my web browser constantly, for both work and play, and get extensive use out of tabbed browsing.  I keep web pages that are related to the same task in tabs in the same window, and open a new window when I’m shifting gears to work on another task.  And I often go back and forth between tasks as things come up or I need a break from the routine, or whatever, so eventually I wind up with a situation like right now where I have 12 windows open, and about half of them have 5 or 10 tabs in them.

Now I’m looking for a specific tab, and it was sort of a one-off thing, and I don’t remember which window it’s in.  And it’s not the frontmost tab in the window it’s in, so I can’t just look in the Window menu to find it.

Now I’m thinking it would be really cool if the Window menu had submenus for each window that had multiple tabs in it, which listed the tabs in that window.  Then I could just mouse over the windows in the Window menu and glance through the submenus looking for it.  Bug 405933 filed.

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  1. Hi Dave

    Take a look at an addon called Firesomething. It allows you to rename your Firefox titlebar, unfortunately so far it only allows you to do it on a random basis but you can also rotate through the name list manually with a keycombo until the window has the name you want.

    After having those 6-10 Firefox areas of interest windows named something like:


    finding tabs becomes much easier. My last crashed session had 6w 110t in it.. but doing ebay power shopping does that, regular load stays in the 70 tab range.


  2. With Firefox 3’s emphasis on searching everything, how about having the address bar search in the titles or content of open tabs?

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