bugzilla.mozilla.org now in version control

So this is something we’ve been wanting for a LONG time, and we finally got it set up as we were staging bugzilla.mozilla.org for last week’s upgrade.  The exact code that we’re running on bugzilla.mozilla.org is now directly checked out onto the production servers from a version control system.  What’s more, there’s a read-only mirror of it visible to the public, including all of our custom templates and everything, so anyone is welcome to check out the exact code we’re running and make patches against it if there was something about one of our customizations that bothered you, or you felt like fixing one of the myriad of bugs in the Other b.m.o issues component in Bugzilla that are local to our installation rather than upstream Bugzilla.

We ended up using Bazaar for the version control.  This was a hard decision to make because Mozilla is using Mercurial for most of the newer stuff these days, so we really wanted to follow suit and not have “yet another VCS” in use, but we wanted to be able to merge in code from the upstream Bugzilla repo periodically (which still lives in CVS, and doesn’t appear like that’ll be changing any time soon), and someone was already doing a sync of Bugzilla from cvs->bzr every 6 hours.  Trying to set up any kind of regular import to Hg wasn’t turning out to be very fun.

So, if you want to check out a copy of what we’re running, you can do this:

bzr co http://dm-bugstage01.mozilla.org/bmo/3.0/

Have fun!

UPDATE: Bugzilla’s upstream is now natively in Bazaar and no longer exporting from CVS, and BMO’s source has moved and is now in a permanent IT-supported Bazaar repo instead of hacked onto the staging box. The new URL is http://bzr.mozilla.org/bmo/ (followed by the version number of course, which has changed a few times since then, too, and will probably change again).

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