Awesome Bugzilla Publicity

So I’ve been a bit busy with things lately and I’m just starting to catch up on a couple podcasts I regularly listen to, one of them being CNET’s Buzz Out Loud, which I’m still a few weeks behind on. This is where Molly Wood, Tom Merritt, and Jason Howell discuss tech news for 20 or 30 minutes every weekday. Well, back in the last week of June, they were talking about Bill Gates having his last week at Microsoft as a full-timer, and it somehow turned into a conversation about Bugzilla. 🙂  It was so awesome, especially Molly’s last line at the end before they got back to the actual story. 🙂

Source: CNET Buzz Out Loud Podcast, Episode 752 @ time index 20:50

TOM: It’s Bill Gates’ last week on the job at Microsoft, although he’ll still be working there, after his last day, part time.

MOLLY: Whether they want him to or not.

TOM: He’ll be the..  I think we speculated he’ll be a bug squasher?

MOLLY: Yeah, something like that

TOM: He’ll just be getting..  they’ll be filing bugs to Bill and he’ll just like hunt ’em down

MOLLY: They’ll give him his own special Bugzilla queue.

TOM: Yeah…  Heh, yeah, like they’re using Bugzilla.

MOLLY: Who isn’t?  Everybody uses some form of Bugzilla for bugs.

TOM: That’s a good question: Is Microsoft using Bugzilla …

MOLLY: (interrupting) Sure!

TOM: … or do they have their own proprietary bug-killing system …

MOLLY: (interrupting) Oh, come on…

TOM: … er, bug-tracking system?  Er, you — Microsoft using an open source bug tracking system?

MOLLY: Oh, well, I guess

TOM: I dunno, it’s just a question in my mind.

MOLLY: I was like who? Everyone… what? Come on…  Bugzilla, it’s just what you use!

3 Replies to “Awesome Bugzilla Publicity”

  1. Sorry, they use their own internal tool call Product Studio, some of which (not sure its the same code, but the ideas are there) ended up in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.

  2. Yeah, they said that a minute or two later in the above episode if you kept listening beyond that (Jason looked it up).

    I wasn’t talking about whether Microsoft was using Bugzilla or not (I would never in my life ever expect them to), but about Molly’s comments about Bugzilla.

  3. Just to be more specific, what I thought was cool was how Molly thinks that Bugzilla is so ubiquitous that nobody would use anything else. 🙂

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