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On Friday, I pushed a small update to bugzilla.mozilla.org that fixed bug 452799, where users who didn’t have ‘canconfirm’ privs in Bugzilla were posting bugs that had a status of NEW rather than UNCONFIRMED.

This morning, I pushed an update to bugzilla.mozilla.org containing a plethora of additional fixes to address concerns raised since the Bugzilla upgrade.  This morning, we’ve picked up fixes for:

  • Bug 452793: (The other half of the issue which was fixed Friday) The default status selected when you file a new bug and do have ‘canconfirm’ privs is now NEW instead of UNCONFIRMED.
  • Bug 452810: The wording surrounding the checkbox to add youself to the CC now says “Add me to the CC list” when you aren’t on it, instead of just “myself.”
  • Bug 452734: The keyword chooser has been replaced with keyword autocomplete.  NOTE: If you installed the greasemonkey script to remove the keyword chooser, you’ll probably have to remove that script to get the autocomplete, since it hooks on the same event listener.
  • Bug 452798: The CC list is now visible again by default, and as a bonus, it’s now searchable via Firefox’s find-as-you-type feature.
  • Bug 452733: The [Classification] is no longer shown in front of the bug summary.
  • Bug 452746: The link to the bug in the header no longer contains an extra space.
  • Bug 452891: The “visually jarring” dashed border next to the line numbers in the Diff Viewer has been removed.
  • Bug 452749: The midair page once again specifies who you midaired with.
  • Bug 344559: Add a Commit button near the form fields at the top of the show_bug page so you don’t have to scroll to the bottom of the comments if you’re only changing a field at the top.

Fixes for admins:

  • Bug 452898: Milestones can once again be marked inactive.
  • Bug 452914: Multiple problems were fixed in the flag editor related to the “fixed in version” field not being dealt with correctly on a product change.

Hopefully this fixes up some of the more major concerns people had.  There’s still more to come.  At this point I’m plannng on daily pushes to production as the fixes become available.

UPDATE: Some people are reporting broken CSS and things looking strange…  hold the Shift key and hit Reload if that’s you.  Your browser is probably caching the old CSS.

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