David’s mini-bio

David was born in 1972 in Port Huron, MI. He grew up in Memphis, Gwinn, and Saginaw, MI, graduating from Heritage High School in 1990.
After graduation, he spent the summer as an exchange student in ConcepciĆ³n, Chile. He began attending Adrian College in Adrian, MI in the fall, where he met his lovely wife-to-be, Loreen Hollar.
David left college after 3 years, getting an apartment in Adrian, MI. He got a job in the hardware department at the Meijer store, and continued to work guard assignments for ADA Security.
In June of 1994, he married Lori, and they made their first home in Adrian. David worked his way up to management at Meijer, becoming the manager of the toy department. With the extra income, he and Lori moved to a nicer apartment complex.
In February of 1998, David got transferred to the Meijer store in Fraser, MI, close to where his folks lived. They lived with his parents for 6 months, then bought their first home in Macomb. Due to lack of support from upper management, David requested a transfer to the Sterling Heights, MI Meijer store, where he became a systems monitor.
In October of 1998, David became a father when his son Brendan was born.
A year later, David got a job at Steelcase in Grand Rapids, MI, as a help desk anayist. This meant another move to Holland, MI, where they moved in with Lori’s parents.
In April of 2001, David began working for a small online company called Syndicomm, as a lead software engineer. Since he was able to work from home, the family moved to Ludington,MI.
David’s second child, daughter Makenzie was born in September of 2001.
David was unfortunately laid off from Syndicomm and was unemployed for almost 4 months. Thank Goodness he got his old job back, and began working for Steelcase again in November of 2001. Then it was back to living with Lori’s folks, going to Ludington only on the weekends.
In July of 2002, David and his family moved to Jamestown, MI where they now live.
In October of 2002, David began working as a programmer for Netscape Communications, which got completely absorbed by America Online while he was there.
In March of 2004, David left AOL to join Mark Shuttleworth’s new startup which eventually became known as Canonical Ltd. (best known as the publisher of the Ubuntu Linux operating system).
In November of 2004, David started contracting for the Mozilla Foundation as a System Administrator, and was then hired in full time in January 2005. David was part of the group of employees transferred to the Mozilla Corporation when it spun off in October 2005, where he works to this day.

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