Volunteers needed to clean bugs

We have a small bit of data corruption with the Operating System field on bugzilla.mozilla.org currently, which has been around forever, and we really need to get it fixed, because there are upcoming schema changes in the next version of Bugzilla which will get tripped up if it isn’t fixed. Unfortunately, it involves a large number of bugs, so I’m asking for volunteers to help out. More than one person can do this, so don’t hesitate even if someone else has jumped in and said they’ll do it 🙂

The problem with these bugs is that the Operating System field in the database is NULL, that is, it doesn’t actually have an operating system listed. This is illegal in Bugzilla, so Bugzilla will fill in whatever the first available OS in the list is in the popup menu, and the next person to touch the bug will wind up inadvertantly setting it (if they have editbugs), or getting a scary warning that they aren’t allowed to change the OS (if they don’t have editbugs) even though they didn’t actually try to change it. Many of them are likely botched imports from Netscape’s old Bugscape system, others are probably Mac OS 9 bugs that someone forgot to change the OS on before the Mac OS 9 entry was removed from the available OS list a few years ago.

What needs doing is for someone to examine each bug individually, find out which OS really best fits it, and set it correctly, or change it to “All” or “Other” if it doesn’t appear to be something OS-specific. You will need editbugs privs on Bugzilla to be able to fix them.

This query will return the list of affected bugs. At the time of this writing, there are 534 bugs on that list. If you can grab a few of those and fix them, I’d be grateful. You don’t even have to let me know you’re doing it, just grab some 🙂

And thanks in advance to anyone that can help!

UPDATE 1/7 2:00pm: As of sometime around 11:00am this morning (according to my IRC logs and people commenting about it) these are now all gone!!! Thanks to everyone that helped!

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