To blink or not to blink

That is the question my 2003 Saturn Ion was asking the last few days. The passenger-side front turn signal stopped working last Wednesday. I spent half the day Thursday unsuccessfully shopping for a replacement lightbulb. Then on Friday, it suddenly decides to start working again. On Sunday, it stopped again, and as of this morning, it hadn’t worked since. So I took it into the dealer this morning, and discovered it was an overloaded wire harness on the headlight assembly, and not the lightbulb. Good thing I couldn’t find one. 🙂 The headlight assembly wire harness was on recall anyway, I hadn’t made the connection that the headlight was related to the blinker signal. I had been mailed a month or two ago about it, but told that there weren’t parts available, so they were staging the recall, and would mail me again when it was my turn, but if we were affected earlier, bring it in anyway. So we got to cut in line on the recall. The cool part is my Saturn dealer is across the street from an Internet cafe, and they’re close enough that the wireless signal is in range from the waiting area at the dealership, so I could do a little work from there while I waited.

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