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I like to know how Bugzilla’s being talked about out in the world, so I subscribe to Google’s handy news and blog alert services where you can put in keywords and they’ll send you an email every time a new blog or news article shows up containing that/those keywords.  This works really well, except that you also get a bunch of crap with it.  People who post to message boards with “Bugzilla” as a username.  Message posts on insect websites about this huge bug someone found.  Articles about modified VW Beetles that have been turned into monster trucks.  Every mention in anyone’s blog about bug reports for any number of major projects that use Bugzilla for their bug trackers.  Etc Etc Etc.

I’ve long desired to create an RSS feed where I could collect that and republish all those links without all the cruft in it, i.e. just the stuff that was actually about Bugzilla as a product/project.  I really like Jon Gruber’s feed, where he puts the link and the title and a small blurb of his own comments about it.  Note that the linked title goes to the article being talked about, not an entry on his blog, which is the key feature I’m looking for (and what makes it different than just creating a category for it in the blog).  Something just like that would be awesome if there were a plugin for WordPress that would do it.  I’ve searched on and off and never found anything that would do this.  If anyone knows of one, please let me know in the comments here.

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  1. You could export the google link as a feed, put it in google reader, and then use the “share” function to republish it selectively to another feed.

  2. I was going to say that groklaw does the same thing with their news picks, so you could maybe email pj or the webmaster (link on the bottom-left of the page), but then i realized: Did you consider asking jg?

  3. @quodlibetor: sorry to be dense, but who’s jg? 🙂

    As for Groklaw, I believe they’re using GeekLog, which is a different CMS engine. I was hoping to find a way to do it from WordPress. I may end up writing my own WordPress plugin at some point, but since I never have the time, was hoping to find out if someone knew of some way I didn’t before I spent the time on it.

  4. I tried Fowl’s idea with Google Reader. The results are in the sidebar on the upper right. It’s not very pretty, but I guess it gets the job done. 🙂

  5. OK, it’s much prettier now. 🙂 Went and grabbed the SimplePie plugin for WordPress instead of using the built-in RSS widget. The built-in widget completely choked on Google’s feed, but SimplePie seems to parse it correctly (and is much easier to template for).

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