Bugzilla news feed now available

So, thanks to Fowl’s comment in my previous entry, I tried out setting up the Google news/blogsearch keyword feeds for Bugzilla in Google Reader, and then individually sharing each of the entries that were actually about Bugzilla, and then using the shared items feed from Google Reader as the newsfeed.  It turns out to work quite well.

The built-in RSS widget that ships with WordPress completely chokes on Google Reader’s shared items feed though, and I ended up installing the SimplePie plugin for WordPress to handle the feed parsing (thanks to srikat on #wordpress for suggesting that).  SimplePie turns out to have a much more flexible template system, and it looks pretty good.  If you’re viewing this on my website, the results are over there on the right.

The feed icon in the title is linked to the source feed, so you can use that as a subscription URL if you want to subscribe to my sanitized Bugzilla news feed.  Now you can keep up on all the Bugzilla mentions in the news and blogosphere without having to wade through all the exterminator jokes, monster VW Beetles, and mentions of bug reports in every project’s bugzilla site.

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